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Welcome to, let us introduce ourselves!

Wise One Superfoods is a Canada based, 100% organic manufacturer of the best in mind blowing and life enhancing raw superfood chocolates. Each of our products is an experience all of its own, delivering carefully selected, heirloom and beyond fair-trade superfoods. We’re Levity Inspired, designing our chocolate to elevate the senses and uplift the spirit!

Our Mission is to fuel the celebration with empowering and soul-nourishing decadence. We believe every day is a day worth celebrating, and we seek to enliven that experience by offering the most high-quality, wild, and premium raw superfood chocolates possible!

By tending to the wellness of ourselves, we tend to the wellness of our planet.

Thank you for your interest and support, may all beings unite on the journey of radical awareness.

Please, join us on this wild adventure!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to, let us introduce ourselves!

  1. We in Vancouver can I buy your Wiseone Chocolate and is it raw?

    Thanks so much.

    1. Hey Fiona, yes the chocolate is raw! Some of the herbs and superfoods like our medicinal mushrooms and our He Shou Wu are not raw however because they are easier assimilated by the body in their prepared forms. They will be available in Vancouver at a number of locations by October 1st. Some of these locations include Cafe by Tao, Eternal Abundance, Health on the Drive, I LOVE HEALTH, Ethical Kitchen, Body Energy Club and many more. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on our locations in our locations section here:

      Thanks Fiona!

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