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Drinking Pürblack, Shilajit, Moomiyo. Making use of your Mineral Pitch.

Before you start using mineral pitch resin (also known as Shilajit, Moomiyo or Pürblack) you actually have to know that you’re using genuine and high quality resin. If there are any doubts that the mineral pitch you are using is not genuine it is better not to use it at all. In future articles, we will look into the forms and types of shilajit resins (mineral pitch) currently available, the vital importance of using only high-quality preparations, reliable sources, how to recognize good quality products, and the scams and shortcuts some disreputable suppliers have resorted to, rather than take the trouble to provide a truly top-grade product.

For the moment, though, we’ll assume you have procured a supply of resin, of excellent quality. Pürblack for example. Now what do you do with your new treasure?

purblack shilajit drink propertly moomiyo mineral pitch

The simplest answer to that would be, “Follow the instructions that came with it.” And indeed, you could – and should. It’s true that your supply of shilajit should be accompanied by detailed instructions on how to use it for varying purposes. For example when you are getting Pürblack, you will receive an instruction circle with dosage. If you are using mineral pitch on the recommendation of a holistic practitioner, he or she will have some instructions for you, too – and of course you should follow those instructions closely.

Shilajit may be taken at any time, for general health, increased energy, and as a prophylactic measure. Used in this way, it would normally be taken once or twice a day. If you are taking Pürblack Live Resin it is best to use it either in the morning or in the evening. It is timed to support a functional time cycle of your body.  If you are taking Pürblack in the morning it is recommended before food. In the evenings Pürblack should be taken 30 or 40 minutes after food and about one hour before you go to sleep. This is an ideal and if you cannot follow it you can consume the resin any time of the day at your convenience.

High-quality resin has been found to be non-toxic, even in doses well beyond those necessary for a health supporting effects. According to research, it is not carcinogenic, and does not pose any danger of reproductive harm, including inhibition or prevention of conception.

It should be noted that shilajit is not a panacea. It has also been found to be highly effective when taken along other herbs or extracts as part of a comprehensive program.

The most common way to use mineral pitch resin (a.k.a. Shilajit or Moomiyo) is by ingestion – taking it by mouth. The two most common forms of commercially available shilajit are powder, and a thick resin or paste. The resin is the more natural, less fabricated of the two forms. Many consider that since it is therefore closer to its native state, shilajit in resin form is more effective. Nevertheless again any form should be procured only from reputable suppliers as 98-99% of mineral pitch products (shilajit, moomiyo, salajeet, etc.) are imitation products.

Mineral pitch can be ingested all by itself, just as it comes from its packaging. Because of its pungent taste and smoky smell, though, most users prefer to take it mixed with something else. Two classic mediums to dissolve the resin are water and milk. One can also use teas, nut milks, coffee, even honey and liquid chocolate. Using warm liquid will often make the resin dissolve more rapidly. Pürblack should not be taken in liquids warmer than natural body temperature or if you want to be precise the temperature should not be exceed 102°F. This is because Pürblack is purified in a way, which allows us to make it as close to its natural state as possible. It is a third and latest generation resin (also known as Shilajit, Moomiyo or Salajeet) with heat sensitive compounds intact.

When making a shilajit solution, it is best to make only enough for immediate use. If there is any left over, though, it can be kept refrigerated in a sealed container.

Shilajit can be mixed with other superfoods or herbs and taken as a tonic elixir. Taking it in such combinations will increase effectiveness of the herbs, amplified and harmonized by the resin.

Shilajit powder sometimes comes in capsules. Of course the capsules may be swallowed directly, but they can also be carefully pulled apart and emptied, so that the powder can be used directly. The danger of capsules is that they are usually filled with imitation product.

To summarize, there are only three things to remember:

  • Use only the highest quality resin available
  • Chose dosage which suits you the best
  • Dissolve it in liquid ideally the purest water you can get
  • Drink

Adaptive Energy-Pürblack. Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.

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Spring Water is Spiritual

Spring Water is Spiritual

Imagine you were born in a forest drinking fresh sources of naturally filtered, mineral rich spring water. Now, think about how many times you’ve drank spring water in your life. Where is the nearest spring?

How do you access the spring nearest you, fill up and store your water? How would your health be if you constantly drank the freshest, most enlivening water?

These are questions a longevity enthusiast asks themselves when a threshold of levity is crossed and inspiration becomes a cause of action.

In our modern civilized world, where our piping systems may be significantly outdated, water has become a necessity made convenient, and by default we tend to take for granted the nature and importance of its life giving essences. While we grow up and learn to appreciate the ingenuity that engineers synthesize into the infrastructure of our water systems and treatment facilities, we don’t always inquire into the chemical agents that make our water sanitary. The complications of tap water is simplified for us, to use without our need to know how or what our municipal water actually is…

Water, the conductive fluid of both our inner and outer systems cannot be taken for granted, for the consequences are grave. When thinking about water in the context of an electrically conductive force of nature, it becomes not only easy to revolve our ideas of sustenance orbiting around it, but a whole lot more attractive.

Are you hydrated?

With wisdom speaking through us, fuelled by the highest sourced superfoods– that we now have convenient access to – the quest begins and continues as a quest for optimal body conductivity! If we are hydrating and fueling our bodies with an expanding awareness for fulfilling electromagnetic conductivity, structuring our lives so that we have the safest and most activating water possible becomes a valued activity, to say the least.

NOW, here are some water options from the most optimal choice down:


An abundant resource in constant spiraling flow! will allow you to check (and even add!) any springs in your local area and see if the water has been tested and is by virtue safe. Spring water is by far the greatest source of energy to purify and cleanse our body temples. Common information to gather about the water you harvest – aside from the wisdom of knowing the molecular formation that spirals upwards through the gravitational field from a deep aquifer beneath our feet – is mainly the PH, and the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). Contamination from springs is generally an analysis of minerals rather than petrochemicals and using a TDS meter to test is inexpensive and easy to do (here:

At this point, the growing strength and passionate number of individuals and families connecting to spring sources is structured with the possibility that these tests have already been recorded for access via and so forth! The activating exercise leads to routinely fill up your BPS-FREE/Glass carboys and take home for cool storage. [Note: filling up 20+ Litre glass jugs is best transported in milk crates:] I shall add, be sure to drink while at the spring to replenish some of your blood plasma– effective within about 20 minutes– while receiving the full benefits of structured life-force this graceful activity lends via drinking from source.



Home Convenience: Filter and Structure.

There are literally infinite ways to structure water from using advanced technology based on astrophysics research to engaging with simple magnets that attach to the piping system following the stage of filtration you choose. There are many great filters and ways to enhance your water systems through a water store which tailors filters to the type of piping in your specific area from municipal data gathered.  Your home system management gives the advantage of sustaining convenience that is otherwise left to the local treatment.


If you find yourself travelling around town or abroad and are unsure, try to arm yourself with carry-on megahydrate* Hydrogen capsules which when swallowed – combine with the oxygen inhaled to create water in the body! If that isn’t available and you don’t have easy access to some coconut water, from a tree:) or a store, and you REALLY don’t want to chance the tap water, but feel you absolutely must drink something, enjoy some fruit or something local from the source! The water in fruits and vegetables are naturally structured and enzyme rich, so indeed an optimal solution to save buying bottled water. Another solution may be to use zeolite, a powerful clay that binds to any harmful chemical or metal we may find in water and therefore could be added to a glass of ‘dirty’ water. Minding that however, zeolite is very dehydrating if used in excess so it is good to use as little as you think needs to be used to ‘cleanse’ the water while letting it soak for a few moments, so it expands before entering the water in your body.

While not all of us were born in a forest drinking spring water and perhaps all of us reading this are familiar with the safety of tap water and have thought of upgrading our home systems to be as optimal and convenient as possible… structuring our lives around structured water isn’t always easy, but who says a challenge takes the fun out of it?!

Collecting Spring water quickly becomes a passionate hobby – that can include magnetic storage and megahydrate or crystal energy – and can indeed expand our sense of self into the living community that our body of water always has and always will be connected to. As the Water Wizard Viktor Schauberger dripped into our noosphere,

“Natural phenomena undisturbed by man point the way to the realization of a new technique. One needs a keen sense of observation. We must understand Nature before we can adapt its way of working to our needs.”

Cast’Ah: El-Bey’eam



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What on Earth is Schizandra?

A single taste of Schizandra berry says it all.

What on Earth is Schizandra?

Schizandra Berry, known in China as ‘Wu Wei Zi,’ translates as the ‘Five Taste Fruit’. It contains within its dynamic essence, all five flavours—bitter, sweet, salty, pungent, and sour. It is known in Chinese Tonic Herbalism to access the five Yin organs, all 12 meridians, and tonify the three treasures*.

For many herbalists, Chinese medicine practitioners, gastronauts, and those who have tried it, Schizandra is held in a place of great reverence and joy; many who try it report amazing benefits, sometimes only after the first day of use. It’s qualities and benefits are widespread, often being called, ‘the herb that does it all’. After 100 days of use, it is said that the true benefits and magic of schizandra will be shown. Often resulting in vibrant skin and hair, clear eyes, increased mental clarity and sexual stamina.


The Benefits of taking Schizandra daily

–       cleanses and maintains clean blood

–       promotes beautiful skin, eyes, and hair

–       increases mental stamina and clarity

–       improves sex drive and potency for men and women

–       Increased blood flow for men and women

–       Helps provide moisture to the female sexual organs

–       Helps skin to hold its moisture and adapt to environmental stress

How does it work?

Schizandra cleanses and provides nutrients for the blood. Imagine every river and stream on our planet was crystal clear. Life would thrive and beauty would abound. The blood acts as the river within our bodies, carrying nutrients, cleansing toxins, and functioning as an information highway. If our rivers are clean, we experience more clarity, stamina, and life force than ever before.

A Stage 1 and 2 Liver Detoxifier Like other bitter and astringent herbs, schizandra serves as a stage 1 liver detoxifier, assisting the liver in releasing and cleansing accumulated toxins. Many other herbs and plants have the ability to assist in this process, however, stage 2 is essential in the removal of these toxins from the blood stream and body to ensure they are not reabsorbed. When a substance enters the body and binds with a toxin and releases it from the liver, it becomes bio-active and it can sometimes be reabsorbed back into the body. Quite often, ‘cleansing effects’ are experienced while detoxing or practicing cleansing; this is often the result of the reabsorption of the very toxins we are trying to get rid of. As a stage 2 detoxifier, schizandra helps to safely activate all of the phase 2 liver detoxification enzymes necessary for removal of these toxins.

Schizandra can be taken on a daily basis to safely detox the blood and as a maintenance strategy for the protection of thousands of chemicals we are exposed to every day, among other amazing benefits.

A Sexual Tonic ‘An ideal herb for intimate relationships’, schizandra is used in a large majority of Asian sexual tonic formulations. It is said to increase the ‘Water Qi’ of the kidneys and other organs, helping to maintain moisture in women and staying power in men. After prolonged use it is reported to improve sexual pleasure in the female and male sexual organs by increasing circulation and improving moisture.

A Mind Tonic Like other adaptogens, schizandra has a regulating effect on the central nervous system. It can be slightly stimulating, as well as mildly sedating, or ‘Shen’ balancing, exciting or inhibiting the control functions of the cerebral cortex.

*The three treasures are said to be the three fundamental energies that govern and bring us life, Jing, Qi, and Shen. The 12 meridians are the main energy channels that flow throughout our body. The 5 Yin Organs are the lungs, spleen, heart, liver, and kidneys.


How can it be taken?

Our Magnetic Warrior chocolate is a great way to ensure a daily dose of schizandra, as well as give us some great recipe ideas. Schizandra goes famously well with chocolate, however, it must be blended carefully, as it’s strong flavor can often throw a recipe off. Get schizandra berry powder, or blend the dried berries in a vitamix or coffee grinder, sift out the chunks, and add them to your next chocolate creation.

One of our simple favorites: Schizandra Goji tea
4 parts goji berry
1 part schizandra berry
Clean, fresh, spring water or filtered living water
Simmer lightly for 10 minutes- 4 hours and enjoy this ancient classic.

Schizandra tincture: There are many great schizandra tinctures available on the market. Add them to a simmering tea to burn off the alcohol or take it orally.

Our Favorite Schizandra-Chocolate Elixir:
2 cups Hot Dark Reishi Tea
1tbls Wild and Raw Honey
1tbls Coconut Oil
1 Magnetic Warrior Chocolate bar
Handful of Goji Berries
1 tsp Schizandra Berry Powder

Start the 100 day Schizandra Berry challenge today!

**Coupon CODE: SCHIZANDRAWARRIOR – Enter this coupon code at check out for a free Magnetic Warrior with the purchase of 5 or more! Happy New Year!


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Who is Wise One Superfoods?

Meet the Founder:

Derek Rohde, yogi, raw food chef, elixir alchemist, and eco-preneur, founded Wise One Superfoods with a vision to offer the healthiest and most decadent raw chocolate to everyone willing to dive in and indulge.

While travelling to Central America after college, Derek fell in love with the tastes, sensations, and health benefits of the ancient meso-american superfood, Cacao. He celebrated Cacao’s ancient lore and traditions, all the while experiencing the magic of this wild jungle superfood in its tropical environment.

While deep in the Costa Rican jungle, Derek tasted for the first time true chocolate in its raw, uncooked form. Traveling to pyramid sites, and visiting ancient Cacao orchards, he connected with the cultures that used Cacao ceremonially and in celebration, revering it as the food of the gods. Like so many others, he fell madly in love with chocolate.

Upon returning home, he worked at a raw food and smoothie bar in Vancouver where he first experimented with raw Cacao. His friends and family began asking him all the time for his chocolate, and before he knew it, his life turned into a perpetual chocolate party.

He focused on the study and symbiosis between raw chocolate, superfoods, and superherbs. Hosting raw chocolate parties and chocolate making events, Derek dialed in his recipes and tested his Cacao and superfood blends on the taste buds of hundreds of very willing volunteers. As Wise One Superfoods formed, his mission became one of sharing the joy and health benefits of Cacao, as well as Earth’s most nutritious and beneficial superfoods.

His vision is one of a daily celebration in which friends near and far can fuel themselves on the most delicious and nutritious chocolate possible.

Derek sees the opportunity to support farmers with beyond fair-trade standards and to spread knowledge of these foods, in an agriculturally responsible manner, by using only organic or sustainably harvested wild ingredients.

After just one year of dedication to this vision, Derek is grateful that Wise One Superfood’s chocolate is now available across Canada and protecting the quality and integrity of the world’s most incredible foods.

Join us on this wild adventure!




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Welcome to, let us introduce ourselves!

Wise One Superfoods is a Canada based, 100% organic manufacturer of the best in mind blowing and life enhancing raw superfood chocolates. Each of our products is an experience all of its own, delivering carefully selected, heirloom and beyond fair-trade superfoods. We’re Levity Inspired, designing our chocolate to elevate the senses and uplift the spirit!

Our Mission is to fuel the celebration with empowering and soul-nourishing decadence. We believe every day is a day worth celebrating, and we seek to enliven that experience by offering the most high-quality, wild, and premium raw superfood chocolates possible!

By tending to the wellness of ourselves, we tend to the wellness of our planet.

Thank you for your interest and support, may all beings unite on the journey of radical awareness.

Please, join us on this wild adventure!