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We’ve Been Upgraded.

We’re VERY thrilled to introduce a new design and some awesome products to the Wise One web-store.

We’ve added Healthforce, Sunwarrior, Four Sigma Foods, Lakanto, DandyBlend, and Earth Circle Organics products.

These are all hard to find in Canada and some of our all-time favorite daily supplements and superfoods.

If you live in Canada you can enjoy free shipping on orders over $149, if you’re living outside of Canada we can ship with international shipping fees.

Stay WISE and Enjoy!

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Love Your Heart… Eat More Chocolate

Chocolate has long been heralded as a food for the heart. It’s intimately associated with the day for lovers, the western world’s Valentines Day— when all we wish for is a beautiful heart-shaped box by that special someone.

Even Hershey’s has capitalized on this connection with their famously marketed ‘kiss’ chocolates. What better way to give your lover, or desirable acquaintance, a figurative and symbolic message in a wrapper?

To the ancient Aztecs, cacao was known as Yollotl Eztli, meaning ‘heart blood’. Believing that cacao was a food for the heart and that it would stimulate and invigorate the heart center.

So how does chocolate actually effect the heart? Read on.



Perhaps one of the most direct links of cacao and the heart is it’s large amounts of magnesium. For every 5g of cacao, you’re getting over 27mg of Magnesium. (source)

Magnesium is essential for daily proper functioning of the heart. Magnesium becomes depleted in the body when we’re under stress, are taking pharmaceuticals, or have a poor diet, and as such is widely deficient in most North Americans. Reports show that North Americans consume less than half the United States’ Recommended Daily Intake. And many believe the recommended intake to be far less than optimal (source).  While essential for the heart, magnesium also helps the body to reduce acid, fend off stress, and build strong bones and teeth.

Lower Blood Pressure and Blood Vessel Health 

Cacao is known to help lower the body’s blood sugar. How does this work? There is a group of compounds in chocolate called flavonoids which help to lower insulin and insulin resistance. This allows the body’s natural defense mechanisms for removing excess sugars to be improved. While reducing blood sugar, cacao also helps to improve blood vessel health. (source) (source)

Cacao and Improved Cholesterol 

The flavonoids in cacao as well as a saturated fat found in cacao called oleic acid have been shown to improve good (HDL) cholesterol and lower bad (LDL) cholesterol. (source) While chocolate was given a bad wrap during the 80’s and 90’s when all saturated fats were considered harmful to the body, we now know that the right kind of saturated fats are actually essential to maintaining good heart-health. (source)


The stimulant effects of cacao can largely be given to it’s content of theobromine. A molecule similar to caffeine in structure, it is one reason that cacao is often associated with improving focus and providing energy. Also a wonderful molecule for the heart, it helps to lower blood pressure and is known as a cardiovascular stimulant and vasodilator, meaning it stimulates the heart and dilates blood vessels— also a reason why cacao is considered an effective aphrodisiac.

Though similar to caffeine, theobromine does not stimulate the central nervous system, so it’s effects are often more gentle and subtle to those of caffeine. Also with a half life of 6-10 hours of consumption, theobromine’s effects are less noticeable and longer lasting than caffeine.

This molecule is the reason that chocolate is deadly to canines. They don’t possess the ability to properly break-down and digest theobromine. Fortunately, humans are able to assimilate theobromine with out any ill effects and though we can digest it efficiently, it is still important to find one’s balance and comfort level with this powerful and ancient food.

It’s interesting to think that in today’s world chocolate is often associated with obesity, diabetes, and poor health. Like so many ancient, sacred, and wild foods, the corporate world has toxified the quality and appreciation for these foods by over processing, by adding sugar and milk products, and through the natural outcomes and demands of mass production and consumerism. Considered sacred in the regions of ancient Mexico, chocolate has come as a ‘food of the gods’ and become a food for the obese and unhealthy.

Fortunately for us, many of these ancient and sacred foods are making a come back (especially cacao), and with small and large producers alike striving to bring the value and joy back into food, high quality and powerful cacao is more readily available than ever.

So stay Wise and enjoy on!


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5 Guidelines to Buying Healthy Chocolate

In today’s day and age it can be increasingly hard to know what to buy, what to look for, and what’s truly healthy. Sometimes the best way is to keep it simple and give yourself some guidelines to work by. The diet is always changing with the seasons, the palette, how we feel, and with personal preference. It’s something we refine through our lifestyle and experience.

Here’s 5 guidelines to go by when selecting your favorite chocolates.

– Processed Sugar Free: Chocolate is well known to balance blood pressure. However, processed sugars are known to increase blood pressure. So if you want the heart and vascular benefits of real chocolate, avoid the chocolate with high amounts of processed sugars. Opt for low amounts of mineral rich, unprocessed sugars with dark chocolate so you can enjoy the positive benefits of cacao.

– Cacao powder that has undergone Dutch processing: If you use cacao powder at all in baking or smoothies then try to get natural cacao powder. Level it up again and get organic and raw. Dutch processing is a process of alkalizing cacao to make the taste less bitter by ‘washing’ it with a potassium carbonate solution. This takes the cacao’s alkalinity from around 5/6 to 7, close to that of water. Natural cacao powder will have a more bitter, natural taste, whereas a Dutch process will have a sweeter, less strong taste. So get used to the delicious bitterness of natural cacao, that’s the medicine!

– Milk and Dairy free: It’s important to find a chocolate bar that’s milk and dairy free, the reason being that for the most part, a milk chocolate will contain far less chocolate than a dark chocolate bar. It’s the chocolate we’re going for, as it holds the anti-oxidant, mineral, and heart benefits. Also, often the milk and dairy used in chocolate is inorganic and sourced from factory farmed situations where the cows are pumped with anti-biotics and hormones, which of course is carried through to the milk they produce. All in all, if you want milk chocolate, try finding an organic or vegan milk chocolate.

– Raw Cacao: If you can, source a raw cacao. Raw cacao, if from a good source, hasn’t been heated over 105 degrees and retains all of the wonderful mood balancing and brain boosting neurotransmitters that raw cacao is so loved for. If you’ve never experienced it, try eating a conventional chocolate bar, then the next day, eat the same weight in raw chocolate and FEEL the profound difference. When it’s raw, it will contain many of the heat volatile nutrients and neurotransmitters in cacao such as tryptophan and PEA that truly make cacao ‘the food of the gods’.

– Fillers: Stay away from chocolates that contain unnecessary fillers. While these fillers may help the producers, as they are often less expensive than using real chocolate, they often won’t help the body. Frequent chocolate fillers are soy-lecithin, palm oils, ammonium phosphate and others. This is an increasing concern as the prices of bulk chocolate and chocolate production increases. Look for chocolate without any fillers.

When all of these factors are taken into account, you’ll likely be enjoying a dark chocolate bar, between 70% – 80% pure cacao.


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The Alchemy of Shilajit and Raw Cacao

Let’s start with a disclaimer here. Most chocolate that claims to contain “Shilajit” or “Mumie” is loaded with a powdered counterfeits. Any chocolate other than the “Food of the Gods” and any resin other than Pürblack, will not produce the effect or desire to put it in your mouth and roll up your eyes. At this time, there is only one company on the planet making chocolate with Pürblack. It is Wise One Superfood’s Magnetic Warrior chocolate.
Now as we “warned you” let’s look into the sacredness of Cacao.

Theobroma Cacao directly translates to ‘Food of the Gods’. Our ancestors had the right idea in mind when they named this sacred superfood; there is no other food on Earth in quite the same league as raw cacao. Before we begin to explore this in depth though, let us be clear about the difference between ‘cacao’ and ‘cocoa’. Cacao was the term used by the Aztecs for this sacred substance. They would even make it into a ceremonial drink dubbed ‘Xocolatl’ which was raw cacao mixed with spices. Natives traditionally imbibed the concoction before embarking on vision quests utilizing the mystical Psilocybe mushroom. Once the Spanish arrived to conquer the Americas, the etymology of cacao became more complicated. Europeans took the cacao back to their homeland and added large amounts of sugar; the result Cocoa (yes there is a difference between cacao and cocoa).

These days, when one utters the word ‘chocolate’ many peoples’ minds fill with pictures of Hershey’s bars and M&M’s; in my opinion mere insults to the actual nature of this unique botanical. When I speak of chocolate, I am referring to the unadulterated cacao bean, in its whole food natural state. Traditionally, cacao was only occasionally used when the need for powerful medicine existed. What lucky souls we are, to have access to things like Pürblack Live Resin and pristine cacao beans! The two have a synergy that is like making love to Aphrodite while riding a magic carpet. On a side note, the inside of a cacao bean should ideally be a deep purple hue, indicating high concentrations of antioxidants.

Real cacao has a very exotic & immense nutritional profile, boasting more magnesium than any other food save hemp seeds. Magnesium is ubiquitous in the human body, responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions. Jaw-clenching (bruxism), anxiety, insomnia, muscle tension, and restless sleep are all signs of magnesium deficiency. Before & during their cycle women often crave chocolate because the magnesium causes relaxation & mitigates depression & mood swings. In addition, cacao contains the feel-good chemical phenylethylamine, as well as anandamide. Also referred to as ‘the bliss chemical’, anandamide bears a striking resemblance to delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (the main active alkaloid in smoked cannabis) and acts on endogenous cannabinoid receptors in the brain. It generates feelings of euphoria & is a potent anti-depressant, sans all the side effects of typical pharmaceuticals. Don’t expect to get high though, as you’d need to consume over 25lbs of raw cacao to experience a similar feeling to THC. To top of the list, cacao also contains significant amounts of iron, potassium, zinc, copper, protein, healthy fats, & fiber!

A common misconception is that chocolate contains caffeine; in reality there are negligible amounts if any. Theobromine is what gives cacao its stimulant edge; 1/4th the potency of caffeine as a CNS stimulant but 2x the strength as a vaso/bronchodilator. For these reasons, cacao makes an excellent choice for asthmatics or those with poor circulation.

People perceive the taste of cacao as intensely bitter the first time, especially those used in Hershey’s style chocolate. It is an unfortunate representation of the hijacking aimed at American’s palates. Hyper-palatable food designed in laboratories render many immune to the rich, earthy, natural tastes in whole foods. Such intense combinations of fat, salt, & sugar like those found in fast food are unnatural & do not occur in nature. The good news is in: you DO have the power to reclaim your taste buds from corporate conglomerates. In a matter of weeks, you can mindfully train your taste buds to like just about anything. So, why not make them enjoy healthful, healing foods?

If your desire is to consume nutritious substances like cacao consistently, it’s worth the effort to adapt the tongue to them, so as to gain the most health benefits. One cacao bean isn’t going to make a huge difference, but a few cacao beans a day could have massive benefits for magnesium deficiency & mood disorders. Imagine a world where people pop cacao beans instead of Pringles.

To take cacao (the food of the gods!) and combine it with Pürblack (and finetune your body) is so good it seriously seems like it should be illegal. The smell of cedar wafting into my nostrils causes the most intense orgasmic burst of pleasure that a scent has ever produced. The sky seems incredibly blue & gorgeous, I find myself constantly thinking about how incredibly content I feel, from a very deep place. Soon after my face melts due to the blisteringly intense procognitive boost received. Commonly used stimulants like coffee & yerba mate fall by the wayside with their inferior nutrient profile. The applications for this synergistic combo are multiple: ultimate sensual enhancement, intense pre-workout, potent anti-depressant, healthy cough suppressant, and just for plain old fun. Who knew playing with one’s neurochemistry could be not only healing, but also totally safe!


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Cacao Ceremony and Yoga Class with Brittanie Firth

Come join other inspired people of all yoga levels in a special cacao ceremony. Cacao has been used for millenia in meditation and in ceremonies to support focus and insight, to reconnect with the heart and the uplift the spirit. Brittanie Firth will move you through an all-levels vinyasa flow, bringing with her the uplifting heart-opening Wise Ones Superfoods Cacao to facilitate a richer meditation experience. Take your spirit to the next level for the new year. Set an Intention. See it form.

Celebrating YOU and the wonderful plant blessings of Mother Earth:
Cacao Ceremony with Magnetic Warrior Wise Ones Superfood Hot chocolate herbal fusion
DJ Scout with music to lift our spirits high
Vinyasa yoga class
Tea for afterwards

Ticket is $30 dollars available on Event Brite
Location is Aperture Studios on Barrington.

Bring a Mat, warm layers, water, and a tea cup for after. If you journal feel free to bring something to write with.

Get Lifted for the New year and new you.

Wise One Superfoods is a Canada based, organic manufacturer of the best in mind blowing and life enhancing raw superfood chocolates. Each of our products is an experience all of its own, delivering carefully selected, heirloom and beyond fair-trade superfoods. We’re Levity Inspired, designing our chocolate to elevate the senses and uplift the spirit!

DJ Scout – Halifax, NS

Brittanie Firth Yoga – Vancouver, BC
Brit’s yoga swells from her broad dance background, her tactile nature, and her ability to attune to individual needs. Uncovering all possible routes of exploration, she is revitalizing and playful; the perfect blend of technique and spirit. Winner of Halifax’s Best Yoga Instructor 2012 before moving to Vancouver, BC. She has taught in nearly every province in Canada. There is heart in everything she teaches. From Vinyasa, to Restorative, and Thai Massage to Acrobatics, there is heart in everything she teaches.

For more information or to attend, please contact Brittanie Firth at


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Raw Chocolate Pie with Wise One Chocolate

1 1/4 c pitted soft medjool dates
1 1/4 c coconut flakes
1 tbs coconut oil (melted)
2 heaping tbs cacao powder
pinch of sea salt
Your choice of 3 wise one chocolate bars – We recommend the Mycelium Magik
1 can of coconut milk (full fat)
2-3 tbsp honey/maple syrup/your choice of sweetener
friendly pinch of vanilla powder
even friendlier pinch of salt
Optional toppings:
Coconut flakes
raspberries/your choice of berries.
1. Add all crust ingredients into a food processor & blend until a paste is formed. (should stick together)
2. Spread crust into a pie dish coated in coconut oil for easy removal. Press the paste evenly into the pie dish, bringing the paste up the sides of the dish.
3. Warm the can of coconut milk on the stove. (don’t boil)
4. Place warm coconut milk into a blender. Add in wise one chocolate bars, sweetener of choice, vanilla powder & pinch of salt – blend until ingredients are fully mixed together, and chocolate is melted.
5. Pour filling over the crust & set in the freezer for approximately 3 hours.
6. Sprinkle optional toppings, serve & enjoy!
*Pie can be kept in the freezer, and thawed for 15 minutes before slicing and serving.
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Make This Chocolate Chai Latte In Under 5 Minutes – With Wise One’s Time Traveler


This is as simple and delicious as it gets!


1 Can Coconut Milk

1 Time Traveler Sweet Chai chocolate bar

pinch nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom (optional)

1 tsp Lucuma, Maca, Mesquite (optional)



Warm Coconut Milk in a pot

Pour into a blender when hot

Add a Time Traveler bar

Add Optional Ingredients if desired


Then sit down by the fire and enjoy the frothy raw chocolate chai goodness!



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A Wise One Poem from Moksha Yoga Teacher Christine Walsh

I just finished a beautiful hot flow class, mindfully guided by Rose, felt grateful.
Left the studio, walked to the 99 bus in the cool rain.

Got on the bus sat down looked at All the people
The ads finally Settling my eyes on the moisture filled windows.

I remembered I had chocolate.

Ohhh chocolate given to me by Rose how lovely the  thought.
I root through my yoga bag and find the cardboard box.


I pull it out and am captivated by its beauty, brown background embossed with a golden dragon.

I brake the top seal to a pleasing rumble beneath my fingers.

Once open the brown cardboard leafs reveal a shining orange package.


I break the ruffled edge with a clean sharp tear and bring the opening to smell the aroma of chocolate.


My fingers reach through the hole and grab onto the smooth firm square snap a brisk surprising snap.

I place the smooth bit into my mouth   surprise   It isn’t yielding to the heat of my mouth so I bite down and it crunches into shards of chocolate

Pause to feel the edges taste the chocolate when the shards begin to melt.


Yummm how delightfully pleasing how scrumptious   I break another piece snap.   put the smooth shard in my mouth and smile before I bite down

I notice my toes and feet moving in their happiness.


No longer aware of the 99 I’m transported to another place the forest fresh smells satisfaction sweet pleasures.


The bus jogs to a stop I become aware of the bus the people leaving people coming on I’m at the canada line
Oh I’m at the canada line and leap off as the doors close.

I marveled at the extraordinary pleasure the extraordinary trip I consumed with a small perfectly square of dark mahogany colored chocolate.  I am elevated.

– Christine Walsh, Moksha Yoga Instructor

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Broken bones, torn muscles, injuries -Dr. Shakirov Ph.D. | Shilajit, Moomiyo, Pürblack.

You are probably reading this article because you either already experienced how powerful Pürblack is in a healthy regeneration of bones or soft tissue. Probably you have recently injured yourself or heard from a friend that Pürblack is great for you. Alternatively, maybe you are just a medical scientist trying to understand if there is any validity behind the statements we are making on this website.

You are to understand that the tissue regeneration facts are true, but the devil is in the details. With this article, we are attempting to shed light onto the details and scientifically exorcise the devil. Jokes apart…


The fundamental medical research that linked regeneration of tissue to mineral pitch resin was a second-level dissertation by the Soviet orthopedic surgeon Dr. Adil’ Shakirov. In order for you not to get lost in the hierarchy maze of the Soviet science, there are a couple things you have to understand about awarding doctorates in Soviet Union. The first doctorate awarded was a degree of “Candidate Of Sciences.” The second much higher doctorate was the degree of “Doctor of Sciences.” The “candidate of sciences” was awarded for innovation or optimization in a branch of science or industry. The second one “Doctor of Sciences” was awarded for serious and substantial discoveries in a specific science branch. It is hard to equate the two Soviet degrees to the Masters or Ph.D.’s earned in the United States. The reason is that the Soviet scientific standard was significantly more rigorous.

The year is 1967, and our attention is on a seasoned surgeon defending his “Doctor of Sciences” title before a group of medical Ph.D.’s. The name of the doctoral thesis is: “Moomiyo-asil in a comprehensive treatment of bone fractures (experimental and clinical research).” You will probably wonder what Moomiyo-asil means. Moomiyo is simply mineral pitch resin commonly known as Shilajit, Salajeet or Moomie. Asil stands for pure, original, or genuine.

Dr. Shakirov analyzed the effect of mineral pitch resin on 137 animals and 165 patients. The research proved that using mineral pitch substantially speeds up the regeneration of bones. He observed not only the fracture consolidation speed.  The scientist also discovered that in patients who consume mineral pitch after the fracture, there is a substantially better mineral deposition at the site of the fracture. Blood profiles and overall wellness improved as well.

If Dr. Shakirov was the pioneer of holistic application of mineral pitch supporting conventional medicine, many Soviet researchers followed his school of thought and have shown that mineral pitch (a.k.a. Shilajit or Moomiyo) is helpful supporting people with trauma such as fractures, tears and other injuries. Notably Soviet doctors never used mineral pitch by itself, despite researching it in a clearly medical environment. Moomiyo (mineral pitch, Shilajit) was always a holistic auxiliary to the conventional medical routine. Despite excellent results conventional Soviet medicine just like modern Western medicine considered many traditional holistic methods as untrustworthy. Holistic substances were duly scrutinized and always used to support health but not conventionally “treat.”


If you are thinking of going out there and getting a “quick-fix” Shilajit, Mumie or Moomiyo BEWARE. Mineral pitch (a.k.a. Shilajit, Salajeet, Mumie or Moomiyo) is the most counterfeited supplement in the world. Because of its notoriety in Ayurvedic medicine over 99% of what is called Shilajit or Moomiyo on the market are simply fake imitation products. You can find our post about imitations by clicking this link.

The substance that Dr. Shakirov used in his studies was mineral pitch-Moomiyo “sifted” by chemists and doctors working under rigorous scientific standards of the Soviet medical science machine. Using a substandard substance meant loss of reputation and potentially a felony with years in prison. Moomiyo used in scientific research was properly screened and prepared.

Unfortunately, modern-day Russia as well as India both have very loose standards of quality. Because all mineral pitch resin looks almost the same it is impossible for an educated consumer to distinguish what is quality and what is not. In most cases if you are not purchasing from a reputable company you likely to get a cheap knockoff. We have published a standard questionnaire which will allow you to pick high-quality mineral pitch.


Pürblack live resin substantially differs from any mineral pitch resin, Shilajit, Moomiyo available on the market today. Invention of Pürblack resin took a substantial time and effort. We were very aware of the standards that Dr. Shakirov used in his research. It was also very clear to us how companies manufacture high quality and substandard quality Shilajit. The goal was and is to outperform and manufacture the resin exceeding quality and efficacy of what Dr. Shakirov used in his research and what Charaka Samhita (foundation text of Ayurvedic holistic medicine) describes. You can review Pürblack’s patent application by clicking this link.

The resulting Live Resin by Pürblack not only to the best and can do what Dr. Shakirov’s Mumie-Asil and authentic Shilajit resins from the Himalayas do. Pürblack also shows multiple properties, which were not traditionally attributed to neither Shilajit nor Moomiyo. As a company we file all the FDA prior notices, follow good manufacturing practices and import the product legally into the country. On the transparency side, a comprehensive certificate of analysis is publicly available through our website. We protect our customers from counterfeits. Starting September 2014 each jar of Pürblack Live Resin has an individual serial number  to verify authenticity with the company.

Copyright 2014. All rights reserved Adaptive Energy LLC-Pürblack.

Go here to Purchase Purblack from Wise One Superfoods in Canada

And check out the first ever chocolate bar with Purblack Shilajit!


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Grain Free, Vegan, & Paleo? – WISE Chocolate Chip Cookies



These Cookies = Amazing

Nut butter based cookies with Wise One Chocolate. They’re grain free, vegan, and even suitable for the paleo diet, so you can enjoy a yummy snack guilt free.

Winter is coming! So go bake yourself some cookies, pick up your favorite book, and warm up by the fire.




  • 1 cup unsalted almond butter, or make your own raw almond butter*
  • ⅓ cup honey or your favorite sweetener
  • 1 Chia Egg** or 1 Egg (paleo)
  • ½ teaspoon sea salt
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda
  • ½ cup unsweetened shredded coconut
  • 1 or 2 Wise One bars of your choice! We recommend trying the Amazonia Love flavour.

* Soak Almonds overnight. Rinse well with cold water. Place in food processor and process until nut butter consistency.
** Chia Egg: grind 1 tbls chia in a coffee grinder and mix with 3 tbls water. Let soak for several minutes until egg like consistency


  1. Preheat oven to 350F
  2. Mix together the first 5 ingredients until smooth
  3. Chop up a Wise One chocolate bar of your choice into chocolate chip size chunks.
  4. Mix in chopped chocolate and shredded coconut into batter
  5. Drop tablespoon size balls of batter onto a baking sheet.
  6. Bake for 9-10 minutes, rotating the pan after 5 minutes, until cookies are golden brown around the edges.
  7. Allow to cool on the pan for 10 minutes, then transfer to a cooling rack to cool completely.
  8. Serve!

Click here and pick your favorite chocolate!

Original recipe adapted from: