Magnetic Warrior


With an electrifyingly attractive blend of superfoods, this WISE chocolate strikes like the world’s most friendly lightning bolt.

RAW | Organic | Beyond Fairtrade | Wild



Our Magnetic Warrior bar brings together the electrifying taste of schizandra and shilajit with notes of black licorice—creating a highly medicinal and nourishing chocolate bar. Use of Shilajit in this bar provides an optimal dose of daily minerals and micro-nutrients while improving immune system functions and nutrient transport. A stage 1 and 2 blood cleanser, schizandra is highly revered for its ability to remove and eliminate toxins from the blood. Daily use of this chocolate bar can significantly inspire an optimal state of healthful, electrified blood and nutrient transport.


  • Stage 1 and 2 liver detoxification
  • Optimal for daily mineral supplementation
  • Improves transport of minerals and trace minerals throughout the body
  • Benefits mood and well-being

The Superfoods

Shilajit is known in Ayurvedic medicine as the ‘Destroyer of Weakness’. It is a naturally occurring mineral pitch with over 80 minerals and naturally occurring fulvic acid. This is a superfood for people who want to seriously optimize their diet and ensure beyond adequate mineral intake and get all of the benefits of shilajit consumption.

Learn more about shilajit here.

Schizandra Berry, known in China as ‘Wu Wei Zi’, translates as the ‘Five Taste Fruit’. It contains within its dynamic essence, all five flavours: bitter, sweet, salty, pungent, and sour. It is known in Chinese Tonic Herbalism to access the five Yin organs, all 12 meridians, and tonify the three treasures*.

For many herbalists, Chinese medicine practitioners, gastronauts, and those who have tried it, Schizandra is held in a place of great reverence and joy; many who try it report amazing benefits, sometimes only after the first day of use. It’s qualities and benefits are widespread, often being called, ‘the herb that does it all’. After 100 days of use, it is said that the true benefits and magic of schizandra will be shown. Often resulting in vibrant skin and hair, clear eyes, increased mental clarity and sexual stamina.

Learn more about Schizandra here.

We carefully select only wild, heirloom and organic Criollo Ecuador Cacao, known as Arriba Nacional. Grown in high elevation volcanic soil, fed only by mountain springs and rain water, this chocolate provides the ancient and complex taste of true heirloom Cacao. By enjoying this chocolate bar, you are supporting communities that practice sustainable, mineral rich farming, above and beyond ‘Fair Trade’ standards. Keeping it REAL. 100% raw and loaded with the world’s most superior foods.

Learn more about our CACAO here.

Try our Magnetic Warrior bar today and see why we guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Additional information

Weight 28 g

28g Bar, Buy 4 Get One Free, Box of 12


  1. Omar Ignacio

    Awesome Chocolate… ridicoulously good. But it is NOT Sweet… Which is actually a good thing. 😀 So be aware of that >>> it is only Mild-ly sweet but fantastically awesome taste and smell!

    It is not sweet >> but it is not bitter AT ALL.. 😮 like the hard baker’s chocolate in regular supermarkets.

    It is also kind of ‘hard’ — a perfect chocolate cracker is kind of how I would describe it.

    The smell is trully fantastic and the purity is exceptional. I have only tasted chocolate this pure from ultra select and small boutique chocolates from Switzerland.

    It has been a thing now that Europeans know about higher quality chocolate and routinely take first dibs at the higher quality beans and better processed cacao. :O I am so glad there this group of lovable food and health fanatics made this awesome company and chocolate. I had been in a search for ultra high purity and ultra high quality chocolate for a while — I am glad I found it. 😀

    I would only give it 4 stars if you want the chocolate to be SWEET and with MILK. This one has very low amount of pure cane juice crystals and then just pure ecstatic goodness… it is so damn good … ;o that I can no longer write a un-biased review. It is really really good.

    The more you eliminate high sugar and un-healthy foods from your diet.. the better and better this chocolate will taste for you I think.

    I will try the other ones next time…

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