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My story about Pürblack

It is through a dear friend in Los Angeles that I was introduced to Pürblack Live Resin and now have it in Texas.   Being very appreciative for the suggestion that it would probably be good for me, I decided to give it a try. Now I’ve only been on Pürblack for three weeks and have noticed a few changes.

Let me give you an insight to my life and how Pürblack shilajit has helped.  I have been in fitness as a teacher, trainer, business owner, and consultant for 34 years.  Currently I own a Pilates studio in Coppell, Texas and and offer Mat to Saddle Pilates Method Clinics to equestrians to better their seat.  I live on a small horse farm and have the position of Farm Manager.  Those duties are in addition to caring for my own three horses and two Labradors.  Needless to say my life is on the active track 8-14 hours a day.

The last few years, about 10 to be exact I have had trouble sleeping. I sleep for an hour or two and wake up.  Sometimes I can turn over and go back to sleep and sometimes I’m up for several hours before “napping” again.  Four to five hours a night of sporadic sleep is a normal night.  My body has adapted but every few weeks I run out of steam and drop, literally drop almost on the spot and can’t do anything for a couple days.  A side effect of this is not having a functioning brain show up when I need it sometimes.  I wrote a magazine column for a while and sometimes barely made deadline waiting for my brain to kick in.  I have clinics to prepare for and clients to give my best efforts to and sometimes this is a big order.

Enter Pürblack Live Shilajit.  The changes were subtle at first then undeniable. In the last three weeks I’ve noticed a different sleep pattern that started changing on day four.  I’m not necessarily sleeping longer but I quickly go to a deep, restorative sleep.  I’ll wake up and feel like it must be several hours later and only a hour has past.  Usually I can fall back asleep quickly and repeat the same thing.   Bonus – sleeping deeper has given me a functioning brain again.  I would say that what I feel is more clarity.  That has given me the ability to quickly deal with answers for clients and can see logical procedures when issues arise on the farm.  I have more energy and that is wonderful!

I have friends and clients on the resin now and I am looking forward to seeing what the next couple months bring.

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