What is a Superfood?

We classify superfoods as nutrient dense power houses. Foods that pack a third-eye knock out punch. These can be herbs, algaes, berries, or different types of medicinal mushrooms that provide a unique array of beneficial components. These components work harmoniously with the body and help it to perform better, and reach never before realized potentials. A superfood must deliver to the body what nothing else can and bring it closer to an ecstatic homeostasis.

We’ve selected only the best Organic, nutrient dense superfoods available, without any compromises. When it’s not available Organic, we use Wild Harvested sources under strict sustainable harvesting standards. We also maintain Beyond Fair-Trade standards, supporting the farmers and the families that grow the ingredients in our chocolate with salaries that allow them to practice sustainable, mineral rich farming.

Check out our chocolates to learn more about the superfoods that make them magik:

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