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WISE Chocolate – The magic behind our beans

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We love chocolate. A lot.

We want to share it’s health benefits and healing properties with the world. So we’ve taken great care in sourcing the highest quality most life giving cacao that we know exists.

So what makes our beans so special?

First off, we select only beans harvested in the high altitude, mineral rich volcanic soils of Ecuador’s mountain regions. The trees in this area produce an heirloom variety of cacao, called Arriba Nacional, which unlike more common types of cacao is not hybridized, meaning their genetics are still intact and they can live more harmoniously with the wild environment. These trees, some being over 80 years of age, are fed only by mountain springs, rain water, and the hot Ecuadorian Sun. The clean environment and mineral dense soil provides a healthy cacao that ensures a mineral dense, dynamically flavored, and highly activating wild chocolate experience. This usually means you can eat less of our nutrient rich chocolate and still get that fix. Save the rest for later or share – your friends will thank you.

Secondly, each batch of our beans is tested on site for mold, yeast, fungus, and mycotoxins, to ensure a clean and toxin free cacao. Most of the world’s chocolate supply is unfortunately unregulated and sourced from processing facilities located in large industrial complexes. This can make for polluted ground water and air, and can be festering grounds for insects and bacteria, translating into a dirty cacao that then gets sold off to large distributors or chocolate producers as ‘high quality’. The problem here is that the chocolate industry is unregulated in its mycotoxin testing laws. If a container of chocolate gets flagged for high mold, it often gets sold off to another facility free of testing.

A high mycotoxin count in any of the foods that we eat can lead to numerous health problems and even contribute to a caffeine like jittery sensation often associated with high amounts of cacao. Fortunately for us, we’ve taken measures to ensure a mycotoxin free cacao. It’s as clean as it gets.

We also cold process our cacao in a proprietary manner that doesn’t require roasting, so unlike most of the chocolate on the market, you’re getting a cacao that has all of it’s naturally occurring wild nutrients and brain pleasing boosters such as tryptophan and PEA.

In our endevours to provide the most pleasing and sensually tantilizing raw chocolate experience ever, we sincerely hope you will join us on this wildly inspiring adventure.

Be WISE. Eat WISE Chocolate

To learn more about the magic that makes cacao the lover’s favorite gift and ‘the food of the gods’, check out our blog on the Science of Raw Cacao.



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