the WISE ONE Story

Wise One Superfoods is a Canada based, organic manufacturer of mind blowing and life enhancing raw superfood chocolates. Each of our products is an experience all of its own, delivering carefully selected, heirloom and beyond fair-trade superfoods. We’re Levity Inspired, designing our chocolate to elevate the senses and uplift the spirit!

Our Mission is to fuel the celebration with empowering and soul-nourishing decadence. We believe every day is a day worth celebrating, and we seek to enliven that experience by offering the most high-quality, wild, and premium raw superfood chocolates possible!

By tending to the wellness of ourselves, we tend to the wellness of our planet.

Who is Wise One Superfoods?


In 2012, Derek Rohde, yogi, raw food chef, elixir alchemist, and eco-preneur, founded Wise One Superfoods with a vision to offer the healthiest and most decadent raw chocolate to everyone willing to dive in and indulge.

While travelling to Central America after college, Derek fell in love with the tastes, sensations, and health benefits of the ancient meso-american superfood, Cacao.

Deep in the Costa Rican jungle at a Chocolate Party, Derek tasted for the first time true chocolate in its raw, uncooked form and like so many others, he fell madly in love with chocolate.

As Wise One Superfoods formed, his mission became one of sharing the joy and health benefits of Cacao and the World’s most beneficial superfoods, and to support farmers with organic and beyond fair-trade standards.

His vision is one of a daily celebration in which friends near and far can fuel themselves on the most delicious and nutritious chocolate possible.

Thank you for your interest and support!


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