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A Wise One Poem from Moksha Yoga Teacher Christine Walsh

I just finished a beautiful hot flow class, mindfully guided by Rose, felt grateful.
Left the studio, walked to the 99 bus in the cool rain.

Got on the bus sat down looked at All the people
The ads finally Settling my eyes on the moisture filled windows.

I remembered I had chocolate.

Ohhh chocolate given to me by Rose how lovely the  thought.
I root through my yoga bag and find the cardboard box.


I pull it out and am captivated by its beauty, brown background embossed with a golden dragon.

I brake the top seal to a pleasing rumble beneath my fingers.

Once open the brown cardboard leafs reveal a shining orange package.


I break the ruffled edge with a clean sharp tear and bring the opening to smell the aroma of chocolate.


My fingers reach through the hole and grab onto the smooth firm square snap a brisk surprising snap.

I place the smooth bit into my mouth   surprise   It isn’t yielding to the heat of my mouth so I bite down and it crunches into shards of chocolate

Pause to feel the edges taste the chocolate when the shards begin to melt.


Yummm how delightfully pleasing how scrumptious   I break another piece snap.   put the smooth shard in my mouth and smile before I bite down

I notice my toes and feet moving in their happiness.


No longer aware of the 99 I’m transported to another place the forest fresh smells satisfaction sweet pleasures.


The bus jogs to a stop I become aware of the bus the people leaving people coming on I’m at the canada line
Oh I’m at the canada line and leap off as the doors close.

I marveled at the extraordinary pleasure the extraordinary trip I consumed with a small perfectly square of dark mahogany colored chocolate.  I am elevated.

– Christine Walsh, Moksha Yoga Instructor

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