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Who is Wise One Superfoods?

Meet the Founder:

Derek Rohde, yogi, raw food chef, elixir alchemist, and eco-preneur, founded Wise One Superfoods with a vision to offer the healthiest and most decadent raw chocolate to everyone willing to dive in and indulge.

While travelling to Central America after college, Derek fell in love with the tastes, sensations, and health benefits of the ancient meso-american superfood, Cacao. He celebrated Cacao’s ancient lore and traditions, all the while experiencing the magic of this wild jungle superfood in its tropical environment.

While deep in the Costa Rican jungle, Derek tasted for the first time true chocolate in its raw, uncooked form. Traveling to pyramid sites, and visiting ancient Cacao orchards, he connected with the cultures that used Cacao ceremonially and in celebration, revering it as the food of the gods. Like so many others, he fell madly in love with chocolate.

Upon returning home, he worked at a raw food and smoothie bar in Vancouver where he first experimented with raw Cacao. His friends and family began asking him all the time for his chocolate, and before he knew it, his life turned into a perpetual chocolate party.

He focused on the study and symbiosis between raw chocolate, superfoods, and superherbs. Hosting raw chocolate parties and chocolate making events, Derek dialed in his recipes and tested his Cacao and superfood blends on the taste buds of hundreds of very willing volunteers. As Wise One Superfoods formed, his mission became one of sharing the joy and health benefits of Cacao, as well as Earth’s most nutritious and beneficial superfoods.

His vision is one of a daily celebration in which friends near and far can fuel themselves on the most delicious and nutritious chocolate possible.

Derek sees the opportunity to support farmers with beyond fair-trade standards and to spread knowledge of these foods, in an agriculturally responsible manner, by using only organic or sustainably harvested wild ingredients.

After just one year of dedication to this vision, Derek is grateful that Wise One Superfood’s chocolate is now available across Canada and protecting the quality and integrity of the world’s most incredible foods.

Join us on this wild adventure!




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